Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Gemini: A Free and Easy to Use Issue Tracking System

Following on from my previous post Software Development Must Haves, thought I would mention Gemini, a free and easy to use Issue Tracking System. I've successfully implemented it at 4 different companies and mentioned it on the ausdotnet mailing list a few times.

Several years ago when I was looking at what systems were available, I did a comparison of the free and not-so-free offerings. For ease of use and bang-for-buck, I think that Gemini is by far the best. Gemini has a free license for up to 10 users, and is under AU$500.00 for a commercial license.

It is web based (but also provides a Windows client), supports a customisable SQL Server backend, web service interface and a utility for importing data. With a little work it can be integrated with your Source Code Control system.

If you are developing software and you are not using an Issue Management System, I strongly suggest you check out Gemini.


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