Friday, July 21, 2006


Grokking Hanselman

Several people have commented upon the fact that Scott Hanselman is so prolific and knowledgeable that he must not sleep at all. I take the more fantastic view that he has been cloned: in fact if each clone would place their ID number in the title of each post, it would soon become apparent that there is actually an entire army of Scott Hanselman’s out there!

Humor aside, I grok Scott Hanselman. I had heard of Watir (pronounced water) and several other tools for automated Web page acceptance testing, but as usual a Hanselman blog post turned the light on for me. Whilst Fitnesse, a wiki based user acceptance (UA) tool will still be applicable for getting non-programmers writing UA tests, Scott has posted this great idea Time Saver - Using Watir as a Startup Program in your ASP.NET Projects. Not his first great idea and highly unlikely to be his last!

Will the real Scott Hanselman please stand up?


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