Sunday, July 23, 2006


I Knew There Was a Reason I Never Eat Squid!

If there are any squid listening, lets get one thing cleared up right away: I never eat squid. So tell your relatives, the Humboldt... This article "It's Hard Out Here for A Shrimp" from Outside Magazine is absolute gold. I saw it via Bruce Schneier's security blog:

What about the giant squid, you may ask? "Wimpy," says Cassell. The giant—which
grows to 60-plus feet and is one of only four squid, out of the 400 or so
species found in the oceans, that are human-size or bigger—is generally
considered to be fairly placid. In any case, it's so elusive, no modern squid
hunter has ever even seen one alive. No, if you want a scary squid, you want a
Humboldt. And they're easy to find, teeming by the millions in Pacific waters
from Chile to British Columbia.


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