Friday, July 21, 2006


Windows Developer Power Tools

I am really looking forward to the release of this new book: Windows Developer Power Tools, published by O’Reilly (due Nov 2006) and written by James Avery and Jim Holmes.
The book is designed to be a reference encyclopedia on many of the productivity and quality improvement tools available to Windows developers. There is coverage of 150 tools spanning 1000 pages so it’s definitely going to be a huge book! Rather than try to be a complete reference for each tool, this book describes each tool, what it is used for, what situations it is best suited to, and then a quick introduction on how to get started with the tool. The book covers automated builds, testing, code generation, metrics, source control, deployment, lifecycle, debugging to name just a few areas.

You can download it from Rough Cuts right now. “If you want to check the book out you can read through the table of contents and download a couple of sample chapters over on a small site Jim has set up.” Jim is accepting feedback on the sample chapters published.


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