Thursday, September 14, 2006


The Joy of (Deleting) Code: Less is More

I love coding! I can still remember when I first discovered programming at the age of eleven. At that age it filled me with a sense of wonder and it had the feel of a black art! But there’s one thing I like more than writing code…and that’s deleting it! That’s right, I just love deleting code.

Less code can mean less errors and less ‘cognitive friction’ when reading it, and therefore easier to maintain. I’m not talking about code that’s a candidate for the next obfuscated C competition! I’m talking about lean, simple, concise and precise code with no duplication.

The work days I like the most, are those when I leave work having refactored a large chunk of code (be it mine or someone else’s).

Liberate yourself, delete some code today!


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