Monday, September 18, 2006


Productivity Tools for Developers Webcasts

The unstoppable developer machine they call Scott Hanselman posted a very watchable, short series of video webcasts back in August (I just got around to watching them!), on the subject of developer productivity tools. You can download all four parts for online viewing from here Developer Productivity Tools Video Part 4 (download links are towards the bottom of the page).

  • Part 1 talks about Notepad2 (which is great for non-ansi character sets), some command line features you may not know about (or have forgotten), Process Explorer from SysInternals, Reflector from Lutz Roeder, and some .Net basics.
  • Part 2 looks at some aspects of Serialization (includes a great tip on how to debug into a .NET XmlSerializer generated assembly), SlickRun, xplorer2, Far (Norton Commander rides again!), Google Desktop, junctions.
  • Part 3 is a great introduction to PowerShell.
  • Part 4 covers CodeRush, TCPTrace for tracing web service traffic, XmlDocViewer.


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