Saturday, September 23, 2006


Usability, Usability, Usability

A second edition of Steve Krug’s, “Don’t make me think” has been released. I’ve just added it to my burgeoning Amazon booklist. Steve has website here. It’s not exactly loaded with extra content but does have some interesting videos.

On the topic of one of my favourite subjects, usability, the headrush site is a gold mine of information. The latest post, Why they don't upgrade (and what to do about it), contains this pearl, “People don't upgrade because they don't want to move back into the "[I] Suck Zone."” I’m sure this is something Microsoft is spending considerable effort on with the approaching release of Vista.

Q: Have PC users queued up in the cold to buy a Microsoft OS since Windows 95? Kathy Sierra writes:

“By the time Apple releases a new version of Mac OSX, the Faithful are so
excited that they line up by the thousands outside Apple stores at midnight,
braving the cold, just to get the new OS a full 24 hours ahead of their friends.
How do I know? I've done it, twice. Once when it was snowing.”

Maybe Vista will get them queuing?


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