Friday, February 16, 2007


Vista Anyone?

It’s early days yet, but Vista does not seem to be making many waves.

John Brand, a research director of Sydney-based IT analyst firm HYDRASIGHT, notes that “early analysis, by larger enterprises in Asia/Pacific has been underwhelming in regard to the likely business value from upgrading to Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system. We believe there is little or no compelling technical or feature/function reason for larger enterprises to upgrade.” He also said the biggest competitor to the adoption of Vista is "Microsoft and the status quo…Previous versions of its own operating systems, as far back as Windows 98 and 2000, dominate the majority of consumer and business PCs - and will continue to do so throughout 2007 and beyond.”

There has been talk that Vista is “more secure” and that alone is a compelling reason to upgrade. Wait a minute, I thought XP SP2 was supposed to be secure!

Dan Appleman as usual gives a lucid and balanced view here: A Developer’s View of Vista

I normally field the odd ‘computer’ question from friends and family, but no one has yet asked me “What is Vista?” let alone “…should I upgrade?”

I think it’s going to take more than a few gadgets to sell Vista. Come on Microsoft, give me something to shout about.


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