Saturday, March 24, 2007


Branching Guidance for Team Foundation Server

Jeff Beehler has announced the initial release of Branching guidance for Team Foundation Server:

“While the product documentation will tell you how each of our tools works, it
doesn't provide insight into the best practice usage of each. The guidance
that we recently released attempts to fill that gap in the area of version
control and how to best work with branches. ... what you'll read in this
guidance isn't some theoretical description of how things should work in a
perfect world but instead has been pressure tested and proved to be effective
through actual TFS projects. In fact, you'll find examples pulled directly
from our own teams experiences as well. ”

I found it interesting that they appear to have moved away from what I assumed was the industry standard terminology of ‘trunk’ to ‘main’. Much of the advice is familiar. The few differences I suspect are down to working in very large teams (> 100 developers). This is a work in progress, and I’m sure a few changes will be made to it…

The best source of advice on branching and merging that I have come across to date is the free online book Version Control with Subversion. I wonder if the authors read this?


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