Wednesday, March 21, 2007


T-SQL Helper Table Utilities

Over at Red Gate's Simple-Talk blog, Robyn Page and 'Phil Factor' have a nice article on using a helper table of numbers to convert some common T-SQL iterative tasks to set-based operations:
  • Splitting Strings into table-rows, based on a specified delimiter
  • Encoding and decoding a string
  • Substituting values into a string
  • Extracting individual words from a string into a table
  • Extracting all the numbers in a string into a table
  • Removing all text between delimiters
  • Scrabble score
  • Moving averages
  • Getting the 'Week beginning' date in a table
  • Calculating the number of working days between dates
Rob Farley is a bit of a demon with a table of numbers; I wonder if knows any more of these? Rob?


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