Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Age of User Experience: Come on in the waters fine…

A colleague sent me a MS office Groove invitation yesterday evening, so leaving my usual luddite stance behind, I followed the link over to the Microsoft Office 2007 downloads page and was duly asked to sign in via passport. Sounds good thinks I. So I login and get confronted by a completely blank “please enter your details” page. Nothing. It didn’t even have my name filled in. OK, so I’m a bit miffed about that. I start filling in my details and get to the country combo. It says Austria. Close but not quite thinks I! So I drop down the list with the intention of picking Australia:
OK! So where is Australia? I know it should be there, because I’m standing on it.

So much for the age of experience. Sheesh!

PS. I hope it hasn’t been removed because Frank Arrigo is heading back to the US !!! ;)


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