Monday, July 09, 2007


Perth .NET User Group Library

One of the ways we are making the Perth .NET user group a resource for the .NET community in Perth is restocking the existing Perth .NET Community of Practice library with the latest books, and making them easily accessible.

Nick has already set up a borrowing system through HireThings. There are details here on using HireThings to borrow books

The books will be easily accessible from their new location in the centre of the city. When we receive new books we will post an entry to the Perth user group site ( These will mainly be .NET development books but there will also some design and process books as well.

The user group is currently a member of the O’Reilly user group program and we are in the process of joining the Addison-Wesley program, which is reopening in August.

If there are any books you are particularly interested in reading, let myself, Alistair or Nick know and we will endeavor to get them through one of the publisher user group programs (ISBN please where possible).

Also, if anyone in Perth is interested in reviewing any of the new books we have available just drop me a line. Writing a review is obviously a great way to investigate what a book has to offer and let others know its usefulness, but also helps you explore a technology that you might not have looked at otherwise.


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