Friday, September 07, 2007


Excellent Meeting, Great Turnout

And I’m not talking about Sydney APEC conference! Last night’s Perth .NET user group presentation with speaker Nick Wienholt was excellent, and we had another great turnout (I counted 47 people). Here are a few photos of the meeting:

(Apologies about the quality of the photos, they aren’t the best; I have no excuses!)

After the meeting we went for a meal at ‘Arirang’, a nearby Korean BBQ restaurant. Good thing I took a couple of photos before the BBQ got fired up, as it got a bit smokey later on (as Dave will confirm!):

Thanks to Nick Wienholt for taking time out to give a well received, very informative and useful session, and thanks to everyone for attending. Hope to see you all in a month’s time. Speaking of which, we have another guest speaker signed up who is flying in from Sydney. I’m sure most people will know him. A clue to his identity might be the topic: An introduction to Visual Studio 2008.

Thanks to Excom for providing our monthly meeting venue.


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