Thursday, November 29, 2007


Perth .NET User Group meeting: The Disability Divide with Dr Scott Hollier

Join us at the Perth .NET Users Group, December 6th, to hear Dr Scott Hollier present on the Disability Divide. People with disabilities, and in particular people who are blind or vision impaired, are not embracing computing and Internet-related technologies at the same rate as the able-bodied population. This presentation will explain the reasons behind the disability divide and how software developers can significantly improve the independence of people with disabilities.

TOPIC: Accessibilty and the Disability Divide with Dr Scott Hollier
DATE: Dec 6th, 5:30pm
VENUE: Excom, Level 2, 23 Barrack Street, Perth
COST: Free. All Welcome.

Scott, a published author in the field, has recently completed a PhD titled ‘The Disability Divide: an examination into the needs of computing and Internet-related technologies by people who are blind or vision impaired’. He has an undergraduate Computer Science degree and six years experience in the Information Technology industry. Scott, who is legally blind, is a Researcher for Employment and Equity, at the Association for the Blind of WA.

Whoops! Almost forgot. On Tuesday, December 4th 5:30pm (same venue), Rob Farley will be talking about some of the new SQL Server 2008 features and a few of his favourite (and useful) TSQL language features.


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