Monday, March 24, 2008


Perth .NET User Group meeting: Delivering on the Promise of SOA with Bill Poole

Join us at the Perth .NET Community of Practice, April 3rd to hear Bill Poole talk about delivering on the promise of SOA. It is a commonly held belief that transitioning to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) simply involves exposing a bunch of Web services. If only it were that easy! SOA is currently receiving much attention and is surrounded by considerable hype. As such, it is often misrepresented by various industry stakeholders in pursuit of their own agendas.

In this session, Bill will cut through the hype and misinformation surrounding SOA and provide a clear practical description of the design patterns and best practice that will help developers deliver on the promise of SOA.

TOPIC: Delivering on the Promise of SOA with Bill Poole
DATE: April 3rd, 5:30pm
VENUE: Excom, Level 2, 23 Barrack Street, Perth
COST: Free. All welcome.

Bill Poole is a Senior Consultant with Change Corporation, primarily consulting in Solution Architecture. With over nine years of industry experience, his professional interests include SOA, systems integration, large scale application development, as well as design patterns and best practice. More details here.


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