Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Perth .NET UG Meeting: Thurs June 5th.

Join us tomorrow at the Perth .NET Community of Practice, Thursday June 5th to hear Dave Gardner talk about ‘How to be a debugging superhero’ with Visual Studio 2008. Ever thought you should spend more time learning about the debugging features that Visual Studio has to offer? If so then this is the session for you! This entire session will be hands-on (not a single PowerPoint bullet in sight), as we see how many tips, tricks, and best practices we can jam into an hour. Amaze and delight your co-workers with your newfound skills after you are transformed into a debugging superhero*.

* Individual results may vary. The presenter makes no guarantee that you will obtain any superhuman abilities during this session.

TOPIC: How to be a debugging superhero with Dave Gardner
DATE: Thursday, June 5th, 5:30pm
VENUE: Excom, Level 2, 23 Barrack Street, Perth
COST: Free. All welcome.

Dave Gardner is a seasoned .NET developer and the Chief Software Architect at Intilecta Corporation. For the past decade and a bit, Dave has worked as a solutions architect, consultant, and developer, and provided expertise to organisations in Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia. Dave is a co-author of the upcoming "Professional Visual Studio 2008" book from Wrox. He blogs about Visual Studio and .NET at, and has a personal website at


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