Sunday, September 21, 2008


45th and 46th Known Mersenne Primes Found

It's old news by now and a little off topic(!), but GIMPS (the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search) has announced the discovery of 2 new Mersenne primes:

On August 23rd, a UCLA computer discovered the 45th known Mersenne prime, 243,112,609-1, comprising 12,978,189 digits, the first 10 million plus digit prime to be found!

On September 6th, the 46th known Mersenne prime, 237,156,667-1, a 11,185,272 digit number was found by Hans-Michael Elvenich! This was the first Mersenne prime to be discovered out of order since Colquitt and Welsh discovered 2110,503-1 in 1988.


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