Monday, September 01, 2008


Perth .NET User Group Meeting: Thurs 4th Sept, 5:30pm - 7pm: Federated Identity Management in a Service Oriented World with Bill Poole

Join us at the Perth .NET Community of Practice, Sept 4th to hear Bill Poole talk about Federated Identity Management in a Service Oriented World. Gone are the days of siloed applications that identify users with a simple username/password combination stored in the application database. In today’s world of Internet based e-commerce where secure transactions occur over insecure open networks and in a service oriented world of composite applications where identity must be shared between systems hosted by different organisations on disparate platforms; in a world where increasing numbers of businesses are turning to hosting their applications in the cloud, and where users from partner organisations need to be securely granted access to enterprise resources, architects are turning to an ever increasingly complex array of security solutions to solve their identity woes. How do we as mere mortals make sense of PKI, Kerberos, SAML, and a plethora of WS-* standards aimed at addressing these concerns? This session will provide a clear and practical description of how to apply today’s security technologies in order to effectively manage and share identity across applications, service and organisational boundaries.

TOPIC: Federated Identity Management in a Service Oriented World with Bill Poole
DATE: Thursday, Sept 4th, 5:30pm
VENUE: Excom, Level 2, 23 Barrack Street, Perth
COST: Free. All welcome.


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