Thursday, October 23, 2008


Do You Review?

I can honestly say I love where I work. And today was a classic example why. I had a code review! (does your team have code reviews?). One of my colleagues pointed out I could make use of Nullable GetValueOrDefault() in the following code snippet:

Instead of this:

int? objectID;          // passed in to a method...
DateTime? signedDate;   // --- "" ---
if (objectID == null)
    objectID = 0;
if (signedDate == null)
    signedDate = (DateTime)SqlDateTime.MinValue;
SomeDBWrapperMethod((int)objectID, (DateTime)signedDate);

Just do this:


Seems so obvious, after the fact! I’m sure I must have come across this before, but I can’t remember having ever used it. It’s great to have extra pairs of eyes go over your code.


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