Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Perth .NET User Group Meeting: Thurs Oct 2nd, 5:30pm - 7pm: PLINQ and TPL: Hot New Solutions for Parallel Programming with Joe Albahari

Join us at the Perth .NET Community of Practice, October 2nd to hear Joe Albahari present a session on two parallel programming technologies at the forefront of threading in the .NET world. In this session, Joe will demonstrate both technologies, and look at how well they solve some real-world problems. He will also discuss what it means to think of LINQ queries as functional programming islands, and why this is important in how you code today. Finally, we'll look at their relative performance, and whether PLINQ is indeed a practical solution for completely transcending the hard problem of thread safety.

TOPIC: PLINQ and TPL: Solutions for Parallel Programming with Joe Albahari
DATE: Thursday, October 2nd, 5:30pm
VENUE: Excom, Level 2, 23 Barrack Street, Perth
COST: Free. All welcome

More details here.


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