Saturday, November 15, 2008


RssBandit: Burn(ed) After Installing

It's interesting how users' opinion of your software can change dramatically depending on their installation experience. Take me for example. A few weeks ago I opened RssBandit (my feed aggregator) and it helpfully informed me there was a new version available, so what the heck I thought, and installed it. It installed prompty but also had the side effect of promptly eradicating my feed list (which by coincidence I had only recently rebuilt after stupidly losing a disk drive). OK, it's free software, and I did click "Yes", and to the author's credit, the bug has been fixed pretty quickly, but the experience has left me ill-disposed towards it (what happen's if I upgrade again, will I lose my feeds again?) Time to give Outlook 2007's RSS feed reader a go...

Which RSS feed reader do you use?


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