Thursday, February 12, 2009


SQL Server Management Studio Tools Pack

Every so often in the middle of a task, you can get stymied by the simplest of things and by the time you've spent 15 minutes looking for a shortcut, you give in to temptation and go off at a tangent to try and solve the minor problem yourself.

Some time ago I wrote a simple and easy to use generic tool to script out a Table/Database as INSERT statements. Well, I couldn't find it today! After downloading 2 scripts that wouldn't work for some undiscovered reason(!), I resisted the temptation to knock something up, did a quick search and found Mladen Prajdić's SMSS Tools Pack 1.5. Not only does it have the generate a table as INSERTS as a right-click action within SSMS but a whole lot of other really nice to have features (the full feature list is here), including Window Connection Coloring.

It's available for SQL Server 2005 and 2008 in full or Express versions.


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