Sunday, March 22, 2009


Perth .NET User Group: A Great Start to the Year

I’ve been remiss by not blogging about the 2 user group meetings we have had so far this year.

We don’t run a meeting in January due to the holidays, so February’s well attended meeting was the first and good start to the year. Ola Karlsson stepped up to the task of presenting on Silverlight and what it’s good for. He blogged about it here (with links from the presentation). And special thanks to Ola for giving both halves of what was originally planned to be a 2 speaker event.

If you wanted an indication of the level of interest in testing and Test Driven Development (and Design) (TDD), then you needed to look no further than our March meeting when Rhys Campbell presented on Real World TDD. We had the highest attendance of any meeting in the group’s history; it was standing room only! (I lost count at 62 people). He posted a follow-up here.

Thanks to both presenters.

Our next presentation will be James Miles on Flexible UI Composition with WPF. Don’t miss it!


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