Saturday, August 15, 2009


Books, Books, Booko!

If like me, you buy a lot of technical books each year, the opportunity to save a few dollars here and there really adds up. In the past, I have used Amazon(US) pretty much exclusively as it was always possible to save considerably on most (if at all) books in an order compared to the local retailers in Perth. And as a bonus, Amazon usually delivered them faster (from the US)!

Recently, a colleague let me know about Booko:

Booko is a site with a very simple goal - to find the cheapest place to buy books & DVDs

I’ve purchased 5 books in the last 4 weeks via Booko from 4 different sellers in 3 different countries. It’s a great way to save money on books. It is now my first stop, whereas before, I simply used Amazon.

Next time you need to buy a technical book, give Booko a go.


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