Thursday, October 29, 2009


Resuming Microsoft Download Manager

Restarting the Microsoft Transfer Manager

If you have ever started a large download via the resumable Microsoft Transfer Manager, forgotten about it and shutdown your PC. You will no doubt have found yourself in the same situation I found myself in a few days ago. I started a download from the MSDN subscription site and later shutdown my PC.  No problem I thought, I’ll simply resume the download.

Except I couldn’t find the Microsoft Transfer manager to restart it! There was no shortcut or entry in the Programs menu.

So where is the download manager located! After some hunting around, it turns out it lives at %windir%\Downloaded Program Files\TransferMgr.exe.

[Note: If you open that folder in Windows Explorer and find garbled names, open a console window (cmd.exe), change directory (CD) to  C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\, and run a list the contents (DIR). You should see TransferMgr.exe]

TIP: Once you have found and re-run Transfer Manager, there is an option to place a shortcut on the desktop. Click the Options button, and tick the checkbox “Place application shortcut on the desktop”.


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