Sunday, April 04, 2010


Downloadable content from Bioware/EA

If you have a game from Bioware or EA (Such as Mass Effect 2 or Dragon Age) and you are having trouble accessing the in-game downloadable content (you get the unhelpful message "you are not connected to the internet"), the tech support help is a bit hit and miss! Somehow, the manual is missing magic port numbers and tech support don’t tell you about it.

You must unblock ports 80 (TCP/UDP), 8000 (TCP), 8001 (UDP), 443 (TCP), and 18081 (TCP) to access the downloadable content.
[18081 isn't listed in the manual or on the website, but the game tries to contact an EA server on that port. 443 isn't listed either, but that's a regular https port and is most likely unblocked on most systems.]

If that doesn’t work for you, download and install WireShark, fire up the game and see what port accesses are being attempted.


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