Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Agile Evening, Thurs 30th Sept with Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas, a popular speaker and agile proponent has kindly agreed to present in Perth. He is a founding director of the Agile Alliance and is a Managing Director for Object Mentor a leader in XP, Craftmanship and Lean and Agile in the Large.  Dave is doing the opening keynote for the Agile 2010 Conference.

YOW! Night: An Evening For Software Professionals
Sponsored by Perth.NET and YOW! Developer Conference Australia (formerly known as JAOO)

In recognition of the importance of active software professionals who always seek improvement - YOW! Australia in cooperation with IBM, and your local user groups is pleased to invite you to join us for YOW! Nights. Hear great YOW! speakers and network with other software professionals.

Provisional Schedule of Events (Thurs, 30th Sept)

5.30pm - 5.45pm  Doors Open

5.45pm - 6.45pm  Presentation #1: Envisioning Backlogs

6.45pm - 7.00pm Quick Break

7.00pm - 8.00pm Presentation #2: Functional Programming and NoSQL Data

8.00pm -  Q & A

This event requires registration as we expect places to fill up fast. Please register here (where there are more details).


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