Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Reminder: Perth .NET User Group Meeting: Thurs Nov 4th, Production .NET Debugging with Piers Williams

In this talk, you will learn how to debug your application in the field with this exploration of advanced debugging techniques for managed code applications. Hang, crash, leak or other – we will go beyond Visual Studio debugging and talk about replicating and isolating problems using Perfmon, WMI, WinDbg, and automating the diagnosis with PowerShell using PowerDbg.

  • TOPIC:  Production .NET Debugging with Piers Williams

  • DATE:   Thursday, Nov 4th, 5:30pm - 7:00pm

  • VENUE: Enex100 Seminar Room, Level 3, 100 St Georges Terrace, Perth

  • COST:   Free. All welcome

Piers is a .NET Architect with Beacon Technology, and a contributor to PowerDbg (http://powerdbg.codeplex.com).

There will be a door prize of a choice of license from JetBrains (one of ReSharper , TeamCity Build Agent, dotTrace Profiler, RubyMine, IntelliJ IDEA), and several coupons to Tekpub's high-quality, online screencasts for programmers.

If you have any problems getting in to the venue, please call me on 0422 971 731


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