Sunday, February 06, 2011


How to give great presentations

Assuming your user group is actually holding meetings :), User Group Support Services (UGSS) have released a series of videos on “How to give great presentations” aimed at first time speakers and anyone wanting to improve their skills (I know I need to):

This video series guides you through what you need to know to give your first presentation or to improve your existing presentation skills. You’ll learn how to choose the right subject for you, how to break subjects up so that your explanations and demonstrations are clear and understandable, how to construct your slide deck so that it covers essential subjects without sending your audience to sleep, why being nervous is completely normal and what you can do to make it manageable, tips and tricks for giving great demonstrations, how to prepare your laptop so that it does not fight you while you are presenting and finally how to deliver the presentation that you have worked so hard creating.


Thanks for the link. I've only just started to read the PDF file and I can see already that it will be useful.

I'm about to give my third ever presentation. The first two were to people I already mostly knew and in smaller settnigs. This presentation will be to 30 or 60 people so I need to be a lot more polished.

I've also never worked with Power Point.

I'm a darn good developer type but not a presentation or manager type.

Thanks for the link. Much appreciated.

Tony Toews, Access MVP since 1999.

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