Tuesday, April 26, 2011


When to avoid CQRS

Interesting post from Udi Dahan (who was previously an exponent of CQRS):

“It looks like that CQRS has finally “made it” as a full blown “best practice”.

Please accept my apologies for my part in the overly-complex software being created because of it.

I’ve tried to do what I could to provide a balanced view on the topic with posts like Clarified CQRS and Race Conditions Don’t Exist.

It looks like that wasn’t enough, so I’ll go right out and say it:

      Most people using CQRS (and Event Sourcing too) shouldn’t have done so.

Should we really go back to N-Tier? When not using CQRS (which is the majority of the time), you don’t need N-Tier either…

. . .

In Summary

So, when should you avoid CQRS?

The answer is most of the time.”


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