Monday, May 30, 2011


Mount .iso files in Windows

I remember Greg Low once talking about the “Resolved: by Design” or “Resolved: as Won't Fix” replies on Connect when the issue being raised or asked for was clearly a good idea (obviously there are time constraints and sometimes things just aren’t possible); his point was that it doesn’t take too many such responses for even someone evangelical in their conscientious raising of issues to be less than enthusiastic about continuing to do so.

Why do I mention that? Well, ever wanted to mount an .iso file natively in windows? Not such a surprising thing to want to do, right? Especially as Microsoft actually provide many downloads in this format (such as the Windows 7 OS, which is what I was installing). Check out this Connect article “Mount .iso files”. It had 919 up-votes at last count!… Something for Windows 8?

I resorted to using one of the many third party installs which do the job: Virtual CloneDrive. But it really does feel like this should be part of Windows. Getting community/user feedback on your products is a great way to improve them, but only if you’re listening.

“Thank you for your comment/suggestion.
We will continue to monitor your submission and when it reaches the vote threshold from the community we will forward it to the appropriate feature team. We will also respond here to let you know it has been escalated.”

I wonder what that vote threshold is!


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