Monday, May 13, 2013


Office 2013 Rant: Not wearing any Clothes!

Having not been able to automatically upgrade to the 64bit version of Office (having the 32 bit version of 2010 installed), I installed the 32bit version of Office 2013, so I could try out a few of Excel’s new features (Yeah, I know I should have VM’ed, but I trust those programmers at Microsoft…)

Unfortunately, just like VS2012, Microsoft have broken just about every well established and tried and tested UI design rule: and not for the better. Office 2013 looks as if the folks at Microsoft have confused the concepts of reducing too much ‘Chrome’ with proper visual ‘Demarcation’. Having everything blend into everything else is not a good UI, by any measure. I’m gobsmacked that they could have produced something so poor. It’s simply, bloody awful! Microsoft: The Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes!!

I don’t believe this design ‘strategy’ was done to benefit users. It was done so that Microsoft can seamlessly (supposedly) integrate their mobile and desktop markets. This is not a strategy –>  “We need to shift our emphasis to the mobile market (we sure as hell aren’t selling many versions of Windows 8 for the desktop), lets change our UI to ‘fit’ tablets. Bugger the existing desktop users…”. I’m sorry but that’s a Fail.

BTW, looks like some Microsoft Teams didn’t get the memo about using All CAPS!! (Excel 2013 [Vanilla] Screenshot)


Was making Windows 8 share a similar interface to the phone and tablets done to benefit end users? Seems unlikely. Windows 8 is shaping up to be another Vista (Microsoft have been very shy the last 2 quarters and not released the sales figures for Windows 8). Looking forward to having the Start button back? Windows codenamed ‘Blue’ is coming soon…Hurrah!

Sad thing is, I really want to like Microsoft products. SQL Server is by far the best software I’ve ever used. It is awesome.

So having said all that, I thought I’d give 2013 ago to see if I could subdue my bias and get used to the rather poor UI. First email I try to send, Outlook 2013 crashes. Restart. Try again, it crashes. I’ve used Outlook 2010 every day for over 2 years and haven’t had a single crash.

Uninstalled Office 2013. HELLO Office 2010 !

Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Office 2013 64 bit Setup

I’ve used every version of Microsoft Office pretty much since it came out. I currently have the 32 bit version of Office Pro 2010 installed. Attempting to install the 64 bit version of Office 2013 to evaluate Excel’s Power View results in:


Wouldn’t it be nice if it had the option to do this for me and migrate all my settings?!? Especially since I don’t recall there being a 64 bit version of Office 2010 on release (or was it just that it had issues with drivers and add-ins?).


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