Monday, February 04, 2013


List of Freely Available Programming Books

One of the things I think StackOverflow has got wrong is hiding, closed, highly useful questions that are deemed in some way not to ‘fit’ the site’s philosophy (whatever that might be). If your rep is higher than 10K, you can view these hidden closed questions. The site has bigger problems such as the increasing amount of very, very poor quality questions that amount to nothing more than “I can’t be bothered doing/looking up X. Please do X for me”.

Here’s an example: List of freely available programming-books

Can’t see it? I’d obviously prefer to link to the entire question and answers, but assuming you can’t see it, here’s an excerpt from the answer begun by George Stocker (who ironically is one of the people who closed it), and then contributed to by many people as a community wiki:


Language Agnostic

NET (C# / VB / Visual Studio)

SQL (implementation agnostic)


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